Born, raised, and making art in Austin, TX.

    I am primarily a 2-D image maker exploring simplicity and a path between applied art and fine art. I focus on abstraction, nature, and themes in humanity. My images can be applied in many different media — textiles, printmaking, drawing, and jewelry.


    My artistic style has many influences, from Matisse to Denmark’s clean minimalism, and the cultural crossroads and bright colors of Austin. Art that also influences me include: Andy Warhol, Marimekko, Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring, Cycladic figures, Georgia O’Keeffe, David Hockney, Wayne Thiebaud, Christoph Niemann, Jean Jullien, Ellsworth Kelly, petroglyphs, folk art, and the Pattern and Decoration Movement of the 1980's.


    My art is minimal and I strive for a strong impact through simplicity. My art may be called ‘cartoonish’ or ‘whimsical.’ Those words describe how I like to incorporate humor, comfort, dreaminess, and happiness in my art.

    I want to bring my happy art to people and make them happy, too.